TSM Travel Updates 2008

As usual we have 100’s of new reports, newsletters, photos, movies for your enjoyment. We feel we now have the best adult travel board and web site on the interent. We are now over 15 years old and your going to be amazed (plus we’ve saved all our old archives and message board posts). We’ve expaned our forums and now even have a political forum (yup some guys would rather talk about… Read More

Punter’s Tidbits

Some fun Asian pussy poems for the Asia whoremaster who told her a nice sexy joke about Living overseas, some info and talk. The public perception of mongers was of concern before my first Tsm vacation: where to go? As they say in Tijuana’s Zona Norte “Women have choices, Men have responsibilities”. Let’s come down to tidbits of recent mongering vacations: Mexico: Hey there fellow travelers and punters. I haven’t seen much… Read More